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Youth Acting LEssons 

Every thought about being an actor? Well here’s your chance. Register for this 1 session program and work on building your acting techniques. Working on showing emotions, character building and auditioning all while having fun making new friends and learning new skills.

Summer 2020 registration opens April 13, 2020


Ages 6 – 12


Instructor: Ben Larsen


Ben has working with both Stagehands and Soul Treasures and is excited to share his knowledge of acting and drama to the next generation.


$50 per session


Monday & Wednesday

11:00am – 12:30pm


June 24 – July 17



Participants are invited to be a participate as stand in actors for our film making lesson program



More info

  • Participants should arrive in comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement.

  • Water and snack recommended

  • No acting experience necessary!

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