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Try-a-Tri(athlon) invites racers to test out their skills in this mini triathlon

Race begins and ends at the Soledad swimming pool with a 250 meter swim (10 laps); followed by an 10 mile bike ride out and back Metz Road; finishing off with a 2.5 mile run around the Soledad community.

August 22, 2020

First wave starts at 7:30am 

16 years and up 

Prizes to top Male, Female and team Competitors ! 

$35 Single racer pre-registration - closes April 10th

$45 single racer registration

$90 team pre-registration -closes April 10th  

$105 - registration 

(Early bird and pre-registration guarantees T-Shirt!)  

Important information


Check-In and Start Time:

  • Check in time begins at 6:30am on Race Day.

  • Photo I.D. is required the day of the race and must be presented at the time of check-in.

  • Race packets may only be picked up by the registered participant.

  • Participants will not be permitted to enter the pool area until their assigned race number is announced



  • Devices that could act as an impediment to hearing or concentration (mobiles, iPods etc) are not permitted during the race.

  • You must be aware that all of the roads will be open to normal traffic flows during the bike and run sections of the race.

  • You must comply with the Highway Code. If you are overtaking a slower rider pull in once you are past



  • A swim cap keeps your hair from getting damaged, helps keep your goggle straps in place, and lowers water resistance.

  • Both goggles and swim caps can be picked up at low cost in any sports store or the Soledad-Mission Recreation District.

  • All S.M.R.D Rules must be obeyed

  • Participants MUST bring their own lap counter. This person will only be needed for about a half hour (give or take a few)

  • Two participants swim in one(1) 25 meter lap lane. Circle swimming is recommended.



  • Road or mountain bikes are acceptable, but must be well maintained and in roadworthy condition.

  • A cycle helmet must be worn for the duration of the cycling discipline.

  • The helmet must be put on BEFORE you take your bike from the rack in the swim-cycle transition and it can only be removed once the bike has been racked in the cycle-run transition. Cycles

  • Be sure to give it a good service - check the tires, fill tubes with air or replace if need be, oil the chain, and check to make sure the brakes and gears are operational.



  • All traffic laws must be obeyed. You must stay on the sidewalk at all time.

  • Watch for signage and marks indicating course route, especially throughout neighborhoods.




  • The clock will be kept running during transitions. No split times are recorded.

  • Finish times will be announced at awards ceremony

Race information 


The swim will be 12 lengths at the Soledad-Mission Recreation 25 meter pool. All competitors will set off in waves depending on ability. Exact start times will be given racer check in. You will be responsible for counting your own lengths during the swim.



The 10 mile bike course will be an undulating out and back route on Metz Road. Please note you will be racing on open roads, and are responsible for your own safety. Remember to obey the Highway Code at all times.

  1. When exiting Soledad pool parking lot turn left onto Walker Drive.

  2. Turn left onto Metz Road

  3. Turn left onto Shirtail Cyn Rd

  4. U-turn at Marker and return to Soledad pool parking lot

  5. Turn right onto Metz Road

  6. Turn right onto Walker Drive

  7. Turn right into Soledad pool parking towards transition area.



The 2.5 mile run course is around Soledad, CA. Please note you will be running on open roads and are responsible for your own safety. From transition, competitors will park their bike in the bike transition area.

  1. When exiting Soledad pool parking lot turn right onto Walker Drive

  2. Turn right onto Granada St.

  3. Turn right onto Gabilan Dr.

  4. Turn Left onto Orchard Ln.

  5. Turn Left onto Entrada Dr.

  6. Turn Left onto West St.

  7. Turn Left onto Gabilan Dr.

  8. Turn right onto Andalucia Dr.

  9. Turn left onto Granada St.

  10. Turn right onto walker Dr.

  11. Turn left into Soledad pool parking lot toward finish line.

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