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Additional information 

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Soledad-Mission Recreation District private lesson program is for those that may not learn best in group settings; that are looking to learn a specific skill or skills (ex. Breaststroke kick only) or require a specialized swim plan. This is NOT a shortcut to learning to swim; learning to swim is a persons own journey. Swimmers, parents and instructors will create individualized lesson and goal setting plans. Lessons can be scheduled out one lesson at a time or scheduled for the year open. 

Parents are encouraged to remain positive with their child's learning. Positive reinforcement is one of the fundamentals of the Soledad-Mission Recreation District programs. Parents are always welcomed to ask questions about how classes are run with your instructor. Instructors may be teaching on a strict time limit so please schedule additional time with your instructor to discuss your lesson and goal plan.

Should you feel you require an individualized and personal swim lesson experience please contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will meet your needs. Begin swimming today! 

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