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A Few Important Pool Rules:

Pool and patron policies

Pool Capacity: 120

Building Capacity: 160

Pool capacity includes any person in the facility wearing a bathing suit, any person in the wading pool or large pool. Once we have reached our pool capacity we may no longer permit entry into the pool. We apologize for any inconvenience. All people wishing to swim during family, rec or lap swims are admitted on a first come, first serve basis.

If the pool reaches capacity please feel free to:

  1. Join us for another swim time that fits your schedule and activity needs,

  2. Wait in line outside for swimmers to exit the facility for the day (only exiting swimmers open space for new entries)


Pool Rules 
  1. Obey lifeguards at all times.

  2. Must wear regulation swim suits – no undergarments please 

  3. Must be over 48 inches in height, or accompanied by an adult. 

  4. Food and non-alcoholic beverages allowed only in lobby and patio areas.

  5. Everyone must shower before entering pool.

  6. No open sores, bandages, or diapers allowed.

  7. No smoking on the premises.

  8. No running, be careful of standing water.

  9. No glass

  10. No chatting with lifeguard on duty.

Violators of any rule or lifeguard will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

                  First – Verbal Warning

                  Second – sit out of the pool for 5 minutes

                  Third – asked to leave the pool for the day 

                       The Soledad Pool reserves the right to refuse service to anyone

All patrons must wear swim suits:

Clothing that is meant for swimming!

  1. Shorts that are meant for swimming this includes board shorts, rash guards, wet suits, swim trunks, swim skirts, underwear netting, board shorts,  and Speedos and. This DOES NOT include: basketball shorts, gym shorts, soccer short, jeans, or cut off pants.

  2. Swim suits are required for a number of reasons:

    1. Swim suit material does not release color into the pool tying up chlorine and preventing chlorine from disinfecting other bacteria’

    2. Swim suit material does not disintegrate and clog our filter system

    3. Swim suit material designed to withstand pool chemicals giving you a product you can wear for longer’

    4. Swim suits are not worn all day, and therefore do not collect skin cells, fecal cells, trap sweat, the way everyday clothes and underwear do.

All patrons must tie their hair back:

  1. Recommended and strongly encouraged: swim caps for all long hair

  2. Long hair must be pulled back and braided’

  3. Short-medium hair is requested to be pulled back, at least half up and half down.

Reason: hair is lost or broken during swim times and clogs our drains, filters and vacuum. Please help us keep maintenance costs down and extend the life of the pool

Patrons must be 48 inches tall to enter pool without an adult:

  1. Patrons under 48 inches may not touch the bottom of the pool at its most shallow point. 

  2. An adult is considered a person 18 years of age or older, a 16  year old may be permitted to accompany a patron 48 inches if shown to be competent and responsible guardian, staying within arm’s length of the patron at all ties in the water, and ensuring their safety at all times. 

  3. Patrons under 48 inches tall may enter the wading pool with an adult supervising them

  4. A child under than age of 16 is not considered competent to care for a patron under 48 inches tall.

  5. The stairs are used for entry and exit from the pool, this is not an acceptable location for patrons under 48 inches to play.

Full shower before entering the water 

All patrons are required to rinse off prior to entering the swimming pool. Hair care products, skin care products, skin particles, sweat, etc can compromise the cleanliness of the water, especially on heavy usage days. Do your part shower off.

Rules regarding swim times

Family Swim pool rules

All posted pool rules apply, including:

  • Parents or adult family member must always be in the water with children, Even if child is over 48” tall.

  • Children over 10 are invited to join us during rec swim

  • One adult per 2 toddlers(or younger) OR  One adult per 3 children 48” or taller

  • No Flotation devices in the deep end

  • All children with life vest or flotation devices must always be within arm’s reach of their parent

  • No jumping off the diving board with any flotation devices

  • All children must pass the swim test to go over to the deep end or use diving board

  • Toys are allowed – upon lifeguards discretion


Recreation swim pool rules

All posted pool rules apply, including:

  • No toys

  • No fins

  • No floatation devices

  • No jumping of flipping backwards

  • No flips off high dive

  • Swimmers must pass a swimming test before entering deep water  (past 5 feet)

  • No swimmers underneath diving board

  • No running on high diving board • One bounce on diving boards

  • Children under 48” must be with an adult at all times, and will not be permitted in water without an adult

  • Children 48” or taller are permitted to enter the water alone

  • No jumping off the diving board with any flotation devices

  • All patrons must tie their hair back

Additional Rules 

Only drinking water is allowed on the pool deck, all other beverages, snacks, and refreshments must be enjoyed outside on the patio, or inside the lobby. This is important for the cleanliness and hygiene of our pool. No glass containers are allowed at the Soledad Pool. No alcohol.


Long and medium length hair is required to be held back in a braid or a bun. Loose hair wraps itself around equipment, pumps, and motors, and can impede breathing.


Persons having currently active diarrhea or have had active diarrhea within the last 14 days will not swim in the swimming pool. This is a health and safety concerns for the entire pool community.


Children under 48 inches must always have an adult accompany them into the pool facilities. An adult may always enter the water and stay within arm’s length of the child in the large pool. In the small pool, an adult must provide careful supervision of the little swimmer.


All deep end swimmers must pass a swimming test. If the swimmer cannot pass the swim test, they may not enter the deep end even with an adult.

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