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My recreation gives our community the chance to put what you want do in regards to recreation in your hands! Below is a simple survey of possible recreation opportunities. The list is comprised of recreation we have provided in the past, ideas that have been shared by people in our community and a section for you own input!

Here's how it works. Firll out your contact information so we can contact you. Browse through our list of programs and select any that you will like to be a part of or try out! We will begin compling a 2021 interest list for people interested. If you choose lets say basketball tournment. Once we have the number of persons interested in basketball we will reach out and begin plans to start the program! The program can be a one day event, a multiple day program, a course, it really all depends on the feedback we get. Then we will do the work to get you and those in the community with similar interest together. This is how we get to know eachother and expand what we think recreation is. 

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